This is a recipe for the boondi ladoo. Also take a look at the semolina ladoo recipe.


3½ cups of gram flour
20ml of baking powder
5ml of yellow food colour
10ml of ghee
5ml of cardamom (elachi) powder
Water to form a batter
Finely chopped coloured almonds for decoration (toss almonds in food colour)
Oil for deep frying

Ingredients for syrup
2 cups of sugar
3 cups of water
2ml of elachi
2 drops of yellow food colour

Method for syrup

  1. Combine the above ingredients in a pot till and boil till a sticky consistency is reached.

Method for the ladoo / luddoo

  1. Combine the above ingredients to form a smooth, thick liquid batter.
  2. Pour the batter through a spoon with large holes or a colander held over the hot oil.
  3. Fry the tiny balls untill golden brown and place into the syrup.
  4. Allow the tiny balls to stand for about an hour.
  5. Mould the mixture to form round golf sized balls. Decorate the top with coloured almonds.

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