Category: Beverages

Lemon Ice Tea Recipe

Chilled lemon iced tea is slowly brewed to infuse the natural taste of the lemon. The tea is blended with the sweetness of sugar and the citrus flavour of the lemon. Ingredients 6 lemon flavoured teabags 2 cups boiled water 3...

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Strawberry Ice Cream Drink Recipe

A rich milk based drink  with the juice and pulp of fresh strawberries. This creamy fruit flavour beverage is usually served chilled. Ingredients 1 litre chilled full cream milk 250ml vanilla ice cream 75ml rose flavoured syrup...

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Mango Lassi Fruit Drink Recipe

Mango lassi is a traditional milk flavoured beverage. This drink infuses the flavour of milk, yoghurt, cream and fresh ripe seasonal mango. Ingredients 1 litre fresh milk 500ml plain yoghurt 250ml cream Sugar to taste 3 ripe...

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Lemon and Lime Lemonade Recipe

Lemonade is a traditional summer beverage that infuses the zesty tastes of both the lemon and lime. The combined flavours of the lemonade are infused with the bitterness of the salt as well as the sweetness of sugar. Lemon and...

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