The Hollywood Bunny Bar is relative newcomer on the bunny chow scene when compared to icons like Brittania Hotel, but it has firmly established itself as one of the popular bunny eateries in Durban. Located in Umgeni Business Park (Durban) with two eateries just a stone throw from each other, Hollywood has maintained its position among the top bunny chow spots in the central Durban region over the years.

You can choose to have a bunny at the Hollywood Bets Bar, often referred to as the ‘original Hollywood’, or walk just a few metres to the Hollywood Bunny Bar at Home Centre in Umgeni Business Park. There are other venues scattered around Durban, including a mobile bunny bar, but these are only opened for special occasions and during certain sporting fixtures.

The Taste

A soft quarter loaf of white bread, generously filled with their spicy (and somewhat brighter) curry and topped with a large potato is what you can expect when you order a quarter mutton bunny. There was no shortage of mutton pieces in decent edible chunks. The chef was a bit heavy with the ginger-garlic mix on more than one occasion that we tried their bunny but it was not overpowering.

If you a looking for a more spicy curry then a Hollywood bunny chow should be on your list.  We found a slight variation between the bunny curry at both the bar and takeaway on different days. This could have been due to a host of factors that every eatery encounters and is definitely not a reason to mark them down. Overall the Hollywood bunny is a tasty bunny chow with the all the right spices and flavours that are typical of a well cooked Durban mutton curry.

The Setting and Service

HollywoodBets Sports Bar is a popular establishment in the Durban area and is always bustling. There are sufficient tables on most days and minors are allowed in the covered outside seating area. It has a somewhat rustic bar feel and can get a bit noisy towards lunch time and on major sporting events, particularly during big horse racing events.

If you are looking for a quieter setting that would be more comfortable for a family with kids, the you would rather opt for the Hollywood Bunny Bar in the shopping centre across from the ‘original Hollywood’. The staff are friendly and attentive but not intrusive while you are tucking into your bunny. Takeaways are available at both outlets.

Taste [usr 3.5]
Presentation [usr 4]
Setting [usr 3]
Service [usr 4]