Fine cooking quite often cannot be duplicated perfectly every time. The simple reason is the uniqueness in every handmade cuisine. To achieve excellent results with tasty dishes every time, it is important to sample the taste of the food that is been prepared. With different variation in each individual taste, the quantity of salt can quite often beĀ  incorrectly measured. Throughout the years of cooking amateur and well experienced individuals will encounter this hurdle. So what is the solution? Depending on the dish prepared, certain ingredients can counter act the salty taste.


The versatility of the humble tomato in cooking is vast. This fruit (not a vegetable) can be used in its natural state which brings out the juicy freshness or it can be cooked to form the most mouth watering gravies and chutneys. Tomatoes have the ability to absorb salt due to its moisture and acidity. Grated tomatoes can be thrown into a curry that is completely cooked to reduce the salt.

Simply return the freshly prepared curry to the stove top and allow the curry to simmer through. Add and stir in the grated tomato. Place the lid tightly on the pot to allow the curry to cook with the excess liquid naturally found in tomatoes. A little water (approximately 4 tablespoons) can be added to thin the gravy of the curry. The extra water will also allow the tomato to cook and absorb quickly and completely into curry. This process should take approximately 4 to 5 minutes.


Alternatively, for a quick remedy the potato can be baked in the microwave oven on the highest setting for 5 minutes. Once the potato is baked through completely, it can be peeled and cut into quarters. The baked potato can be placed in the curry and allowed to simmer for 4 to 5 minutes. This process will draw and remove the excess salt content of the curry. However, potato does not have the liquid content of tomatoes and may not easily dilute the salitiness.


Peas are not often thought of as being a remedy for salty foods. Yet it can be a quick yet effective vegetable to use to reduce saltiness as it contains a natural sweetness. The sweetness of the pea tends to complement the natural sharp taste of the salt used in food dishes.It can be added to a half prepared food dish or a dish that is fully cooked. Peas cook quickly and can still be added in after cooking without drying out the dish.


Throwing in half or a full finely grated onion to a curry thickens and increases the flavour of the dish. With the variety of different types of onions each with its own unique taste offers sweetness as well as a rich savoury flavour. Its natural moisture and slight tang can help to ease the saltiness.