Originated in India, Mealie  roti is made from crushed mealie flour (corn flour). The roti is an accompaniment to curries and chutney’s.


  • 1 cup mealie flour
  • Salt to taste
  • 2 cups water
  • Flour


  1. Place a pot on the stove top on a medium heat setting.
  2. Stir in the water and salt.
  3. Add in the mealie flour.
  4. Allow the mixture to boil.
  5. Do not stir the mixture.
  6. The water will absorb the flour.
  7. Once the water has completely absorbed stir the mixture and remove it from the stove top.
  8. Mix the mixture with a spoon immediately, do not allow it to cool.
  9. Additional water can be used to pat the surface of the dough. Do not pour the water.
  10. Add flour to the mixture and knead well.
  11. Do not add too much of flour  as an excessive amount of flour can cause the dough to become sticky.
  12. Break off  golf ball sized portions of the dough.
  13. Roll each dough portion into flat disc’s.
  14. Place the dough disc’s on a hot griddle or tava.
  15. Toast each side smearing a little butter or margarine until golden brown. Serve hot with curries or chutneys.